Building sustainable community is not just the development of the economic vitality of communities but also the improvement of quality of life in society and the protection of environment as well. However, in order to achieve the “Sustainable Community” goal, it would largely depend on the conditions of economic, environmental and social factors in the communities.

Sustainable agriculture is at the center of the work we do because of the long-term jobs that will be created alongside, which is also vital to poverty reduction. Promoting sustainable agriculture is about creating viable rural livelihoods, whilst feeding a global population and conserving the natural environment. At Future Connect, we are keen to meeting each of these challenges.

Youth in Agriculture

The agricultural labor force is ageing worldwide, yet rural youth unemployment is also an increasing concern. Thus, FCG work in rural communities to show young people, the huge potential that careers in agriculture can offer them and break the circle of poverty in their generation. Agriculture is a growing sector and in need of talents, talents that young people have and must be harnessed to address the world’s biggest challenges. This is a sector that is full of innovation and opportunity and worth pursuing.

Science Research and Innovation

We need 70 per cent more food to feed a population of nine billion by 2050. We must increase productivity and reduce waste. That is why Future Connect Ghana supports farmers to share knowledge through our farmer to farmer mentorship programs. We ensure that farmers access the training and inputs they need, to sustainably increase the quantity, quality and diversity of their crops. We also support farmers to adapt to changing weather patterns, keep soil fertile and to tackle pests through our climate smart agriculture project initiatives. We are achieving these gradually through Agricultural science research and innovations. The future of agriculture is today, thus, farmers, food and bio-based industries, foresters, etc. need these new knowledge and innovation to face the challenge head on.



RESEARCH (Analysis of Smallholder Farmers market Participation and the role of policy and institutions). – ½ year