The overall development objective of FCG is enhanced ability and expanded opportunities in the target communities to tackle their own economic, social and environmental problems for sustainable community development.

  1. Provide the youth with integrated entrepreneurship training, access to finance, business start-up and mentoring support.
  2. Work with community leaders, caregivers, parents, teachers, etc. to endorse a socio-cultural change that empower and support youth in Agriculture.
  3. Create and train the youth and community folks in new agricultural systems that will encompass science and innovation for increase crops and livestock productivity.
  4. Helping the Youth draft viable Business plans and set up viable agricultural projects and sustainable community development programs.
  1. Facilitate easy access to credit and motivate communities for group saving leading towards small enterprise development and income generating activities aimed at economic empowerment.
  1. Ensure an integrated value chain development by supporting farmer cooperative establishment and development.
  1. Work for environmental protection, pollution abatement, water supply and hygienic sanitation.
  2. Raising awareness of environmental issues through advocacy, networking, public interest litigation and education.
  1. Develop programs and advocacy strategies to compel households, community organizations, schools, businesses and local industries to adhere to community resource conservation practices.
  2. Develop public awareness campaigns and training on climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies in local communities.
  1. Promote conservation of natural resources, bio-diversity and environmental protection.
  2. Promote Gender equality.
  1. Undertake work on Gender transformative programming, MEAL, ICT in agriculture, etc. to support programme implementation.
  2. Develop effective linkages with government line agencies, nongovernment organizations, and donor agencies working for community development.