The ensuing strengths, both past and present, are fundamental to FCG’s work and vision. FCG will uphold this expertise, reinforce our efforts, and continue to allocate resources toward boosting these areas.

  1. Capacity Building; FCG’s development team empower the youth and communities with productivity-enhancing technologies and innovation. Through distinct training, FCG assists both youth farmers and small and medium agribusinesses to improve economic success.
  2. Market Development; To ensure lucrative farming, FCG links producers and producer organizations (PO) to both input and output markets. We help youth farmers access agricultural technologies and Innovation by connecting them to research institution for training. Establishing demonstrations to provide the youth farmers and managers of community family farms with skills and knowledge in doing crop yield analysis and market analysis.
  • Value Chain Development and Enhancement; We streamline the value chain system and connect producers to output markets, usually through public-private partnerships, agribusiness clusters, network fora and farmer-based organizations.
  1. Project Coordination and Management; Through development assistance and program implementation, FCG reaches thousands of farmers, agribusinesses, consumers, community development experts, and other stakeholders in the development field. These engagements placed us as a strong ally to all our partners in development and more especially our donors who always support us any how there can if we call on them.