About Future Connect Ghana (FCG)

We are development professionals dedicated to shaping the economic vitality of communities in Ghana by promoting youth in Agriculture, Education, Health, etc. with the goal of building sustainable communities free of hunger, diseases, illiteracy and poverty.

We empower people and youth farmers witth tools and knowledge to increase opportunities, yields and incomes while safeguarding the environment. FCG’s work covers a wide spectrum; from Integrated Community Development, promoting youth in agricultural and research in technologies and innovations and practices that foster market development.

Our Mission

To achieve an expanded capacity and opportunity were the youth (women, men, girls and boys) live a better live and away from poverty by increasing environmental stewardship, community economic vitality and social inclusions.

Our Vision

A country in which the youth are empowered in available opportunities to increase the economic vitality of the communities in which they live in.

Future connect Ghana (FCG) is a nonprofit organization that foster an integrated community development, expands living standards and support in the creation of sustainable communities.

FCG aims at expanding horizons by creating sustainable programs to promote youth in agriculture, increase livelihood by empowering women and girls economically, increase productivity and crop yield through research and innovation and building sustainable communities. Recognizing the immense role of the youth in contributing to agricultural revolution, it is imperative to fashion-out a long-term all-inclusive program that would appeal and inspire the youth to actively participate in agriculture as a career. The network of the youth that will be created, will support and advocate for developing sustainable communities for the future generations.

Our Values

We take personal responsibility for using our resources efficiently, achieving quantifiable results, and being accountable to supporters, associates and, most of all, the communities we impact.

We are demanding of ourselves and our colleagues, set ambitious goals and are steadfast to cultivating the quality of everything we do for communities where we work.

We reveres and value each other, thrive on our diversity, and work with partners to leverage our universal strength in making a difference for our communities.

We are open to new concepts, embrace change, and take controlled risks to develop sustainable solutions for and with communities.

We seek to live to the maximum ethics of personal honesty and behavior; we never compromise our reputation and acts in the best interests of communities where we work.


Objectives on which FUTURE CONNECT GHANA strive to achieve are to;

  1. Provide the youth with integrated entrepreneurship training, access to finance, business start-up and mentoring support.
  2. Work with community leaders, caregivers, parents, teachers, etc. to endorse a socio-cultural change that empower and support youth in Agriculture.
  3. Create and train the youth and community folks in new agricultural systems that will encompass science and innovation for increase crops and livestock productivity.
  4. Helping the Youth draft viable Business plans and set up viable agricultural projects and sustainable community development programs.
  5. Ensure an integrated value chain development by supporting farmer cooperative establishment and development.
  6. Develop programs and advocacy strategies to compel households, community organizations, schools, businesses and local industries to adhere to community resource conservation practices.
  7. Develop public awareness campaigns and training on climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies in local communities.
  8. Undertake work on Gender transformative programming, MEAL, ICT in agriculture, etc. to support programme implementation.

Organizational Strength

The ensuing strengths, both past and present, are fundamental to FCG’s work and vision. FCG will uphold this expertise, reinforce our efforts, and continue to allocate resources toward boosting these areas.

  1. Capacity Building; FCG’s development team empower the youth and communities with productivity-enhancing technologies and innovation. Through distinct training, FCG assists both youth farmers and small and medium agribusinesses to improve economic success.
  2. Market Development; To ensure lucrative farming, FCG links producers and producer organizations (PO) to both input and output markets. We help youth farmers access agricultural technologies and Innovation by connecting them to research institution for training. Establishing demonstrations to provide the youth farmers and managers of community family farms with skills and knowledge in doing crop yield analysis and market analysis.
  • Value Chain Development and Enhancement; We streamline the value chain system and connect producers to output markets, usually through public-private partnerships, agribusiness clusters, network fora and farmer-based organizations.
  1. Project Coordination and Management; Through development assistance and program implementation, FCG reaches thousands of farmers, agribusinesses, consumers, community development experts, and other stakeholders in the development field. These engagements placed us as a strong ally to all our partners in development and more especially our donors who always support us any how there can if we call on them.

Strategic Initiatives

The ensuing strategic initiatives have been identified as critical to FCG’s mission and future.

Strategic Partnerships; Future Connect Ghana has established and will continue to establish and strengthen partnerships across teams and institutions to strengthen research, grow new business, enhance the organization’s image, and improve technology and innovation transfer and usage.

Knowledge Management; Future Connect Ghana will be implementing a knowledge management and communication strategy to measure and demonstrate the organization’s impact and strengthen our brand.

Community Resource rehabilitation; FCG have created and implemented community resource rehabilitation program through a flagship program “Green Communities Program (GCP)”. Through GCP, a year is climax by embarking on tree (fruit and agroforest trees) planting exercises in all the communities (emphasis on schools) we work.